About Us

Art defines humanity’s achievements and aspirations.

Dabblers tinker with technology to automate basic functions, whereas we create artistic masterpieces that give intelligence and interactivity to properties to enhance owners’ lifestyles.

Our deep grounding in crafting our media of software and hardware enables MaxHome to truly deliver, The Art of Technology™. Like all great art, we will change the way you view your world.

Our core team draws on over a century of expertise in starting enterprises, solving complicated challenges, and delivering successful results.

We are currently seeking:
  • Designers with user interface experience on mobile devices, touch panels, and traditional displays.
  • Developers with experience with Linux-based operating systems, Apache web-server, MySQL, Java, JavaScript and Perl development, and automation protocols.
  • Business developers with proven experience building and developing channels and partnerships.
  • Sales closers with knowledge of the smart/green home market as well as the audiences of architects and builder/developers.
  • Marketers with experience influencing our audiences to take action.
If you thrive in an entrepreneurial whirlwind and know you can add value, please contact us about joining our team.

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