Product Lines

We tackle challenging problems in new ways. You benefit from our hard earned experience in the field as well as from the latest proven technologies. This combination results in a truly distinctive set of solutions. Our solutions consist of core products augmented with technology services.

Our development philosophy shapes our products. We believe in using proven enterprise-class technologies that deliver against our demanding expectations for performance, reliability, availability, scalability and importantly an elegance that pleases our artistic natures. We believe in rigorous processes that produce high quality. We believe that design is an integral principle throughout development. We believe we will change the way people interact with property. This is The Art of Technology™.

MaxHome™ Solution
Based on a Server Appliance, Connectors, and PowerMonitors, the MaxHome product line offers a variety of scale and functionality options for residential properties from single family estates to multiple dwelling unit properties.

MaxHome Appliance
The MaxHome Appliance is the on-premise server at the heart of our solutions. Now the best practices of SCADA and Business Intelligence address residential and commercial property management.

MaxHome Adapter Modules
MaxHome Adapter Modules connect to external systems and 3rd party equipment. So your solution can consist of best-of-breed components from multiple vendors.

Interface Devices
Users need access through familiar devices:
  • Cell Phones
    iPhones have the coolest interface around. It works. It’s sweet!
    The iPod Touch also makes a handy remote around the house.
  • Web
    Any browser-enabled device gives you secure access to your system.
  • Touch Panels
    Why don’t all systems have these? Why aren’t their interfaces intuitive? Ours are!

This line of devices tracks power usage from a per circuit to a per outlet level.

Please contact us to learn more about applying the solution to meet your specific needs.

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